What Happened on 18 November 2013

Russia plane crash kills 44 aboard

A passenger airliner reportedly crashed while landing in Kazan, killing all 44 people aboard.  According to Russian news reports, the… Read More.

Pope Francis calls himself a pharmacist

Pope Francis joked about being a pharmacist and prescribed prayers as a form of medicine, which is "good for the… Read More.

Pervez Musharraf could face life sentence

It appeared as if Pakistan was going to be easy on Pervez Musharraf but it announced… Read More.

Geithner to head to private equity firm

Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is now expected to serve as the managing editor and president of private equity firm… Read More.

California Ghost Town for $225K on Craigslist

You can now buy an entire town in northern California for $225,000 on Craigslist.  Read More.

More than 1M Sony PlayStation 4s sold

More than 1 million consumers in North America bought Sony's PS4s within one day.  However, some owners have had problems… Read More.

High school coach never punts

High school football coach Kevin Kelley didn't punt even a single time when his team went to a state championship… Read More.

You could win at laughing

It might sound like a joke but a leader of the laughing competition movement said they're now trying to "demonstrate… Read More.

Touch screen users can now reach through it

Students and researchers at MIT have revealed a new fascinating invention, which can enable users to reach through a touch… Read More.

Sony smartphone is not essential

The SmartWatch 2 by Sony doesn't have as many functions as Samsung's Galaxy Gear does but it performs better.  Sony's… Read More.

Victoria's secret model makes fun of Swift

Taylor Swift was a performer at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday and was made fun of by one… Read More.

Nobel prize winning author dies at 94

The Nobel prize-winning and mostly polarized author Doris Lessing died at the age of 94.  According to publisher HarperCollins, the… Read More.