What Happened on 18 May 2014

Rescue search completed in Turkey

The energy minister of Turkey said the rescue search has been completed in the region and the death toll from… Read More.

Half of the world doesn't know of the Holocaust

A new poll has revealed that about 54 percent of people in the world are aware of the Holocaust, out… Read More.

Adidas to put your Instagram photos on shoes

Adidas recently mentioned on Instagram that people will soon be able to put their Instagram photos on their shoes. The… Read More.

Texting the coach may be an effective draft strategy

Johnny Manziel, who was the first freshman to receive the Heisman Trophy, texted the Cleveland Browns' quarterback coach, instead of… Read More.

Red spot on Jupiter becomes smaller

The giant red spot that we see in Jupiter's photos was quite massive in the 1800s but is now getting… Read More.

Man pulls a creepy stunt at Cannes

America Ferrara experienced a creepy stunt at the red carpet at Cannes when someone dove under her dress.  Media reports… Read More.