What Happened on 18 June 2016

Mars Crater named Langtang after Nepal worst quake hit village

A crater on planet Mars has been named after the Nepali village of Langtang. At least 215 people were killed in… Read More.

Saudi Prince to discuss Yemen issue with UN chief

Saudi Arabia's deputy crown prince has requested a meeting with the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to discuss the brief… Read More.

Clashes in Pakistan over Kalash teenager's conversion

A teenager named as Rina from the kalash minority tribe of about 12000 in Pakistan which worships God & Goddesses… Read More.

California Fire Demolishes Dozens of Homes; US 101 Shut Down

June 18, 2016 - A wildfire burning west of Santa Barbara shut down California's major coastal highway forcing… Read More.

Olympics-bound Rio Declares Financial Emergency

June 17, 2016 - Brazilian state Rio de Janeiro has declared a state of 'public calamity' over finances. Rio is… Read More.