What Happened on 18 June 2014

Satellite firm speaks about missing airline search

It's been 100 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, but a satellite firm said the most probable spot has… Read More.

Extremists kill 9 in Kenya

Extremists killed more than nine people in an attack on a coastal region in Kenya. Officials mentioned that about 50… Read More.

US removes ban from taking detailed satellite images

There was a time when having detailed satellite imaging was illegal. However, that has now changed since the US government… Read More.

Delta apologizes for World Cup tweet as no giraffes in Ghana

Delta Air Lines is being criticized for tweeting a few photos after the US beat Ghana. One of them featured… Read More.

Girl saves her father by posting on Facebook

A West Virginia girl was smart enough to save her father, who got trapped along with his two friends when… Read More.

Mick Jagger has a new girlfriend

Mick Jagger, of the British rock band, the Rolling Stones, has a 27-year-old girlfriend, whom he reportedly met two weeks… Read More.