What Happened on 18 January 2014

Mass grave found in Sri Lanka

Four more skeletons have been found in Sri Lanka and the excavation has brought back the uncounted victims of the… Read More.

Female Afghan police chief to serve despite threats

The new police chief for Kabul's District 1 is the first woman to have ever run an entire district. Col.… Read More.

Google to make contact lenses

After acquiring Nest and entering people's homes, Google is now getting more personal with its latest project.  The company is… Read More.

Olympic bosses order to take off quote from goalie mask

The International Olympic Committee has asked the goalie for the American women's hockey team to get rid of a quote… Read More.

Driver wearing Google Glass is not guilty

A court in San Diego has thrown out a citation against the female driver wearing Google Glass since there was… Read More.

Jessica Biel to open restaurant for kids

Jessica Biel is soon to open a restaurant in Santa Monica called Au Fudge. It's an unusual project since she… Read More.