What Happened on 18 February 2014

Co-pilot demands asylum after hacking plane

A co-pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane hijacked the aircraft and sought asylum in Switzerland. He flew the plane, which… Read More.

Activist busted in Russia for banner

An Italian activist in Russia was detained for several hours by the authorities after she carried a banner stating "Gay… Read More.

Foreigners hit near Israel border

Three South Koreans as well as an Egyptian driver died after a bus explosion. Over 13 others were also wounded… Read More.

US may face a clown shortage

The US may face a national clown shortage and the New York Daily News notes that not many younger clowns… Read More.

Comcast merger cannot be a good idea

Paul Krugman asks why we would even think about letting Comcast buy Time Warner. "Second, when and why did we… Read More.

Homeless man wins $2.8M

This story sounds more like a fantasy: An unemployed alcoholic was left with his last coins when he decided to… Read More.

Sochi problems: Olympian takes bath in trashcan

Canadian bobsledder Heather Moyse had a problem when she wanted to take an Epsom salt bath: There was no bathtub. … Read More.

Jamaican Bobsled team gets a theme song

Jamaica's bobsledding run is now associated with a theme song entitled 'The Bobsled Song.' Mashable reports that the tune by… Read More.

Apple may be trying to buy Tesla

Apple might be trying to buy Tesla and the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Elon Musk secretly met with the… Read More.

Google buys an interesting startup

Google just bought a startup that could change the way people log into their accounts. SlickLogin has been trying to… Read More.

Charlie Sheen gets engaged

Charlie Sheen will soon be walking down the aisle for the fourth time. Reports suggest that the star proposed to… Read More.

Fashion designer's dead body found in river

Fashion designer Michele Savoia's friend said the designer accidentally fell into the Hudson River Thursday and his body has been… Read More.