What Happened on 18 August 2017

Spain Terror Attack in Barcelona and Cambrils Leaves 13 Dead and 100 Injured

Shock and grief gripped Spain when a terror attack shook the streets of Barcelona on Thursday 17th August… Read More.

Terrorist Attacks in Barcelona Spain in August
Removal of Civil War statues critiqued by Trump

Donald Trump, the President of the US (POTUS), has openly criticized the removal of a number of Confederate statues… Read More.

2000 people trapped by wildfire at a central Portuguese town

Forest fires have cut off around 2000 people at a town located in the central part of Portugal. Firefighters… Read More.

Portugal Map
14 killed and 100 injured in terror attacks in Spain

14 people have lost their lives and 100 have been injured after the latest round of terror attacks in Read More.

Terror Attack in Barcelona Spain