What Happened on 18 April 2014

Most haunted place in the world can now be yours

Independent called the island of Poveglia "the most haunted place on Earth," which can now belong to you. Reports suggest… Read More.

Parents stop the hanging of their child's murderer

A recent update tells the story of Iranian parents who spared the life of their son's killer at the very… Read More.

Drone makes its third attempt in case of missing jet

An oil slick that was found in the area, where the missing jet is being searched for, was analyzed but… Read More.

Why is Aereo legal?

The Supreme Court is soon expected to hear from ABC, in which the network will talk about why pay service… Read More.

You may not be allowed to sue General Mills

If you have downloaded coupons for General Mills and liked the company on Facebook, you may not be eligible to… Read More.

Fired Yahoo exec walks with $58M

Yahoo's fired chief operating officer Henrique de Castro left the company with a package of $58M despite the fact that… Read More.

Yasiel Puig receives death threats

Los Angeles star Yasiel Puig received death threats from smugglers who helped him leave Cuba on a speedboat.  Documents reveal… Read More.

Aaron Hernandez associate indicted in Orlando

An associate of Aaron Hernandez has appeared in a Florida court on charges related to gun trafficking.  Oscar Hernandez Jr.… Read More.

Teen arrested in heartbleed attack

A 19-year-old Canadian has been charged with using Heartbleed to hack into the Canada Revenue Agency.  Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes of… Read More.

Astronomers find Earth-like planet

Other planets similar to Earth have previously been discovered but this one's resulting in some excitement. Kepler-186f may be about… Read More.

LiLo's show may not get renewed

Sources reveal that the Oprah Winfrey isn't happy about the way Lindsay Lohan's reality show turned out. There are several… Read More.

Tom Cruise is secretly dating

It appears that Tom Cruise has finally found someone he wants to be with and this new match could be… Read More.