What Happened on 17 September 2013

Chinese hospitals request female virgin blood

A Chinese cancer hospital has specifically asked for blood from a 100 female virgins between the ages of 18 to… Read More.

Convincing evidence of chemical attack report due Monday

The UN inspectors said a report that clearly indicates the use of chemical weapons in the Syria attack is due… Read More.

Volcano erupts in Indonesia

Over 6,000 people were evacuated due to the eruption of a Volcano in Indonesia this weekend. Officials said buildings and… Read More.

Butterball Turkey Help Line to introduce male operators

You might get a male voice on a line if you call Butterball's Turkey Talk Line for cooking advice this… Read More.

Zuckerberg's expensive mansion about to get more expensive

Mark Zuckerberg's contractor has taken out five construction permits, which end up costing more than $1.6M in remodeling.  According to… Read More.

More people call themselves 'Lower Class' in America considering the economic downturn

Its been decades since pollsters have been asking for the identity of Americans based on their class. The latest survey… Read More.

Fans confused by yellow 'final score' box on CBS

Fans were left confused by a new yellow graphic on CBS's NFL ticker, which was intended to indicate that games… Read More.

Did Joe Flacco make the right choice?

Joe Flacco made the right choice by choosing to be present during the game and skipping his child's birth. Even… Read More.

New use for drones could fix your heart

A German non profit is planning on introducing a drone to save people's lives. Instead of spying on them, the… Read More.

Former NSA, CIA head: Terrorists are totally into Gmail

The former head of both CIA and NSA, Michael Hayden said terrorists have a favorite when it comes to email… Read More.

Miley Cyrus says she's taking over the world

Miley Cyrus recently opened up about her transformation from being a Disney Girl to this wild child and said it… Read More.

Miss New York crowned Miss America once again

The new Miss America of Indian heritage, Nina Davuluri will start the first day of her reign in Atlantic City. … Read More.