What Happened on 17 October 2013

Plane crash in Laos killed all passengers

All 44 people died when a Laos Airlines flight crashed at about 4 pm in Southeast Asia today.  Reports from… Read More.

Four die on Mount Everest

An Adelaide man and three local Tibetan porters were killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest.  One of them was… Read More.

Dalai Lama endorses medical marijuana

Although, Dalai Lama is against the recreational use of marijuana, he supports the drug when its legal and valuable.  According… Read More.

Apple slows down iPhone 5C production

Apple is asking its suppliers to cut the production of the recently released iPhone 5C, which has been criticized for… Read More.

LinkedIn revealed on-the-go recruiting tools

LinkedIn unveiled its recruiting tools adapted for mobile use.  Recruiters will now be able to search for candidates and send… Read More.

Cheap fast food comes with a cost of $7B

Contrary to popular belief, cheap fast food is not a bargain and reports suggest that it costs US taxpayers $7B… Read More.

Former Holy Cross player sues college

A former player for the women's basketball team at Holy Cross has sued the institution, calling the coach "verbally, emotionally… Read More.

Cap Ripken's mother saves her car from being stolen

A man holding a handgun demanded basketball great Cal Ripkin's mother's car on Tuesday; she activated a key alarm and… Read More.

Direct messages rule eased on Twitter

Twitter users can now send direct messages to any other user on the social networking site irrespective of whether or… Read More.

Windows phone continues to get better

Owning a Windows phone rather than an iPhone or Android no longer means you deserve to be ridiculed. Although, there… Read More.

Poehler and Fey to be Golden Globes hosts for the next 2 years

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are going to host the Global Globes for at least the next two years.  Since… Read More.

Stuntman in Brad Pit film stabbed

Stuntman in the new Brad Pit movie "Fury" was airlifted to a hospital when the 35-year old got stabbed with… Read More.