What Happened on 17 November 2013

Typhoon victims to survive on coconut juice

The death toll in Philippines has reached 3,633, with 12,487 injured survivors and over 1,179 missing.  Survivors of the Typhoon… Read More.

Treasure hunt suspended in India

Officials in India decided to end the search for treasure under a fort after failing to find the gold as… Read More.

Review public toilets to get paid $100 a day

If someone living in New York needs some extra cash, this could be an interesting opportunity. You could earn $100… Read More.

Football fan buys tickets in return for wedding rings

A Kansas City Chiefs fan reportedly exchanged his wedding ring set for six tickets to a game.  The 49-year-old ring… Read More.

Hacker sentenced to 10 years in prison

A hacker from Chicago got sentenced to 10 years in prison for being involved in a series of high-profile attacks. … Read More.

Alec Baldwin apologizes for anti-gay comments

Alec Baldwin has had an eventful week.  Only hours after his stalker was held in contempt of court and sentenced… Read More.