What Happened on 17 May 2014

Swiss votes on minimum wage

Switzerland is making Seattle's plan to increase minimum wage to $15 seem less noteworthy. Reports suggest that its residents vote… Read More.

Whole family struck by lightening

A family in Germany is recovering after a grandmother and four other family members, including children, were struck by lightening. … Read More.

Honest roommates return missing $40K

A 91-year-old woman in New York got her life savings back after three roommates returned her lost 40K they found… Read More.

World Cup stadium rooftop won't be completed in time

Constructors mentioned that the stadium hosting the World Cup opener will have an unfinished roof during the event.  The company… Read More.

911 receives its first emergency by text

A 911 dispatcher in Pennsylvania received the nation's first text to 911 but there appears to be a problem since… Read More.

Kardashian wedding to take place in Florence

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are marrying in eight days and sources reveal that the event is not in Paris… Read More.