What Happened on 17 March 2016

Barack Obama issues new sanctions on North Korea

Following a satellite launch and nuclear test by North Korea, Barack Obama, the President of the… Read More.

King Tut's tomb: Experts 90 percent sure of hidden chambers

Mamdouh El Damati, the Egyptian antiques minister, on Thursday said that according to preliminary findings from a radar scan of… Read More.

Brazilians protests over Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

People in many cities of Brazil protested against Dilma Rousseff, president of the country, after she named… Read More.

Many issues in the way of an EU-Turkey deal on migrant crisis remain unresolved

In an attempt to ease the migrant crisis, EU leaders will meet to try to finalize a deal with Read More.

TAK claims responsibility for Ankara bombing

TAK, a Kurdish militant group, has claimed responsibility for Sunday’s deadly attack in Ankara, the capital of… Read More.