What Happened on 17 June 2015

Bag containing home-made bombs explodes in Nigeria, 63 killed

At least 63 people were killed in northeast Nigeria when a bag… Read More.

2016 US election: Republican Donald Trump declares bid for presidency

Stressing that the "American Dream" was “dead”, property mogul Donald Trump became the latest Republican, in an already crowded field,… Read More.

Russia's nuclear 'sabre-rattling' is dangerous: NATO

Russia's announcement that it would bolster its nuclear arsenal has drawn a sharp reaction from NATO, which… Read More.

Syrian conflict: 16 killed in air strike in Deraa province, say reports

Sixteen people, most of them children, have been killed in a suspected Syrian air strike on Ghariyah town in the… Read More.

Gaza row: Palestinian unity government to resign, says Abbas

President Mahmoud Abbas has announced the resignation of the Palestinian unity government. Abbas reportedly said that the Hamas was not… Read More.

Hong Kong debates controversial political reform package amidst protests

The Hong Kong government is discussing a contentious political reforms package ahead of voting later in the week. The package… Read More.

Volcano erupts in Indonesia, 10,000 flee homes

  More than 10,000 villages in western IndonesiaRead More.

Kirk Kerkorian, legendary US businessman, dies aged 98

Kirk Kerkorian, a legendary US businessman who made his billions in Las Vegas and played… Read More.

Australia: CEO of supermarket chain Woolworths resigns

Australian supermarket chain Woolworths’s chief executive Grant O'Brien has announced his resignation after nearly four years at the helm, amid… Read More.

UK: After month of negative inflation, rate turns positive in May

The UK’s inflation turned positive in May thanks to transport costs, following a month of negative inflation, media reports said.… Read More.

Greek government 'misleading' voters, says European Commission president

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has alleged that the Greek government is misleading voters after prime minister Alexis Tsipras said… Read More.

Ron Clarke, Australian running legend, dies aged 78

Ron Clarke, an Australian legend who set 17 racing world records in the fifties and sixties, has died at the… Read More.

Belgian privacy watchdog takes Facebook to court

Belgium’s privacy commissioner has taken social networking giant Facebook to court over allegations that the technology firm… Read More.