What Happened on 17 February 2016

RAF sends jets to intercept Russian bombers heading to UK

RAF Typhoons have been dispatched to intercept two Russian bombers, which are heading towards the United Kingdom airspace, media reports… Read More.

Convoy carrying aid reaches Muadhamiya

The first convoy carrying aid for Syria’s besieged areas has arrived at its destination. According to media reports, the convoy… Read More.

Russian footballer pulls off shirt to reveal picture of Putin

After a football match in the Turkish city of Istanbul, a Russian footballer taunted Turkish fans by… Read More.

Apple rejects order to unlock San Bernardino gunman's iPhone

Apple will be contesting a court order to help FBI investigators to access data on the phone of Syed Rizwan… Read More.

China deploys missiles in South China Sea

China is believed to have deployed surface to air-missiles on a disputed island in the Paracel chain in the… Read More.