What Happened on 17 December 2013

Fast-thinking doctors attached patient's hand to foot

Doctors in China temporarily reattached a patient's hand to his foot in an attempt to save it. A work accident,… Read More.

Mandela interpreter involved in burning two men alive

The interpreter in Nelson Mandela's memorial service has several crimes including murder on his resume. It has now been revealed… Read More.

Michelle Bachelet wins Chile presidential election

Socialist Michelle Bachelet is back as Chile's president after winning 62.3 percent of the counted votes.  "I shall be a… Read More.

Google buys military robot firm

Google has now bought a total of eight robotic companies in one year, with Boston Dynamics being the latest one. … Read More.

Why are Amazon's Kindles so cheap?

Amazon sells its Kindles so cheaply for a simple reason: Its users end up spending a ton of money on… Read More.

Steakhouse mistreats cancer patient

Several witnesses said a Nashville Morton's Steakhouse didn't treat a cancer patient appropriately.  Reports suggest that the man was part… Read More.

First professional baseball player diagnosed with brain disease

NLB player Ryan Freel may have killed himself over CTE last year.  A researcher said Freel hit his head several… Read More.

Torch bearer died after carrying Olympic torch

A Russian wrestling coach, who was participating in the Sochi Games, died after carrying the Olympic flame 500 feet.  Vadim… Read More.

Terrible app ideas such as communal urination

There are several helpful apps on our smartphones today. However, many are quite meaningless. For instance, there's one called "Shock… Read More.

Facebook keeps a record of people's deleted posts

Many Facebook users type something out in anger but decide not to post it. They might think that deleting the… Read More.

Avatar sequels to be made in New Zealand

Avatar director James Cameron has recently announced that the three sequels of the movie will be shot in New Zealand. … Read More.

Rihanna has three bedroom closets

This might make millions of girls envy Rihanna: Reports suggest that the singer uses three out of the four bedrooms… Read More.