What Happened on 17 August 2015

Sri Lankan ex-president votes in parliamentary polls

Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse on Monday cast his vote in the parliamentary polls. Rajapakse, who was defeated… Read More.

Egyptian president approves stringent new counter-terrorism laws

In a bid to combat growing Islamist insurgency, President of Egypt, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, has approved… Read More.

Tianjin explosions: People demand compensation from government

People in Tianjin are demanding compensation from the Chinese government. According to media reports, people whose homes were destroyed by… Read More.

China to accelerate railway investment

China has hastened efforts to build high speed rails as annual investment targets are still far from complete. On… Read More.

Serena continues to lead tennis rankings

Serena Williams held on to the lead in Women's Tennis Association (WTA) women's singles rankings released on Monday, with 11,821… Read More.

Namibia wins rugby tournament for fifth time

Namibia's senior national rugby team won the Africa Cup Division 1A Championships for the fifth time in the capital Windhoek… Read More.

20-km-high space elevator a reality soon

A Canadian firm has been granted a US patent to build the world's first-ever space elevator -- 20 times the… Read More.