What Happened on 16 October 2013

Governor of Afghanistan's province killed

Arsallah Jamal, who was President Hamid Karzai's campaign manager during the time of the presidential elections in 2009 was killed… Read More.

Rare tiger drowns three weeks after birth in zoo

A Sumatra tiger was born after 17 years at a zoo in London but the rare animal ended up drowning… Read More.

7.2 magnitude quake kills 93 in Philippines

A 7.2 earthquake killed at least 93 people and collapsed a hospital as well as the bell tower at the… Read More.

Fukushima Co. changed its name

A Japanese firm that went by the name 'Fukushima Industries' was made fun of on social media websites when it… Read More.

The man behind Gummy Bears is dead

The man behind chewy sweets Gummy Bears died at the age of 90 due to heart failure.  Hans Riegel spent… Read More.

Apple's upcoming event promises 'a lot to cover'

A refresh of the iPad line is expected to be announced at the upcoming Apple event in San Francisco on… Read More.

Basketball is the royal sport in Bhutan

Basketball is not a street sport in Bhutan but a royal one.  The 23-year old queen plays basketball everyday and… Read More.

Man finished Chicago Marathon in 17 hours

The man who stood last in the Chicago Marathon may be a winner in his own right; The 38-year old… Read More.

Netflix wants to become cable TV service

Netflix has proven that people have the option of watching their favorite TV shows even after they have already been… Read More.

BlackBerry writes letter to customers across the globe

Soon after a research firm told BlackBerry customers that it's a good idea to change their devices, the company sent… Read More.

Meg Ryan to star in her own sitcom.

It's for the first time in about three decades that Meg Ryan is going to star… Read More.

Rocker annoyed by Miley's grammar

Indie rocker Sufjan Stevens is not annoyed by Miley Cyrus' twerking or her tongue always sticking out of her mouth;… Read More.