What Happened on 16 November 2013

386 kids saved in child porn bust

About 350 people, including doctors, actors and schoolteachers, have been arrested in one of the largest child porn busts that… Read More.

Airline makes fun of Toronto mayor

Spirit Airlines made fun of Toronto's mayor Rob Ford in order to promote a cheap fare to Toronto.  "We're not… Read More.

McDonald's is refreshing its drive-thru

McDonald's is soon to have three drive-thru windows instead of two.  Customers will still place their orders and pay on… Read More.

Mike Tyson's autobiography is shocking but expected

Mike Tyson's autobiography is quite crazy but might fail to shock some people since craziness is expected of the legendary… Read More.

Electric pickup truck might be Tesla's next

Founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk said the company is considering its next electric vehicle to be a full-size pickup… Read More.

John Oliver gets his own show

John Oliver got his own show on HBO, which sounds quite like the Daily Show. It's expected to… Read More.