What Happened on 16 May 2017

Trump Praises Erdogan as Ally in Battle Against Terrorism

As per reports, US President Trump on Tuesday praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as an ally in… Read More.

U.N. Security Council Holds Meeting on North Korea's Latest Missile Test

As per reports, a day after condemning North Korea’s missile launch and threatening to enforce new sanctions, the U.N.… Read More.

Death Toll in Venezuela Rises to 42

As per reports, the six-week wave of anti-government unrest in Venezuela has resulted into the increased death toll of… Read More.

Russian Social Networks Blocked in Ukraine

As per reports, a ban on Russia's biggest social media networks as well as internet services has been imposed by… Read More.

Dozens of Ministry Staff Detained in Post-coup Investigation in Turkey

As per reports, dozens of energy and education ministry staff were detained in an investigation on Tuesday in Turkey.… Read More.

North Korean Missile Programme is Progressing Faster, Says South Korea

As per reports, South Korea's defense minister on Tuesday mentioned that North Korea’s missile programme is progressing faster… Read More.

China's Central Bank Pumps $24.7 Billion into Financial System

As per reports, the biggest one-day cash injection was made by China’s central bank into the fiscal system in… Read More.

Thailand not to Suspend Facebook Immediately

As per reports, the telecoms regulator on Tuesday mentioned that Thailand has no immediate plans to suspend Facebook as… Read More.