What Happened on 16 March 2014

Another jet disappeared back in 2003

For those who think that a flight has never disappeared before, Vocativ reminds them that another jet took off in… Read More.

Rare set of conjoined twins have been born

A woman in India has given birth to a rare set of twins. The babies shares everything except for spinal… Read More.

Honda recalls Odyssey minivans

Honda plans to recall 886,815 Odyssey minivans in the United States because of a defect in the fuel pump, which… Read More.

Jason Heyward gifts his teammates PlayStation 4

It's time for players to get serious since Opening Day has come closer. However, Veteran outfielder Heyward surprised everyone after… Read More.

Billionaire nabs biggest life insurance policy

An unidentified billionaire recently bought the most valuable life insurance policy in the world.  Reports suggest that the $201M policy… Read More.

Chris Brown jailed after being booted from rehab

Chris Brown's legal run-ins have become harder to keep up with but this update is straightforward: Reports suggest that the… Read More.