What Happened on 16 June 2014

Poachers kill one of the largest animals in the world

Conservationists are not happy about the fact that poachers killed one of the largest elephants in the world. The 50-year-old… Read More.

Terrorists kidnap three teens

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned that three teenage boys were kidnapped by terrorists Thursday night.  Netanyahu never named the… Read More.

Firm uses 'Hunger Games' to choose interns

Reports suggest that Emmis Digital in Chicago reduced their pool of applicants to three potential interns and made them play… Read More.

World Cup referees may be using shaving cream on the field

Viewers have probably noticed the World Cup referees using a can, which is almost like shaving cream. It appears that… Read More.

Living underwater comes with several risks

Six people, including, Jacques Cousteau's grandson, Fabien Coustea, are living in an undersea research lab for 31 days and have… Read More.

Dreyfuss' wife gets busted in hit-and-run

Richard Dreyfuss' wife got busted in a drunk-driving incident earlier this month and sources mentioned that Svetlana ran into a… Read More.