What Happened on 16 June 2013

Israel official suggests tightening of sanctions on Iran

The Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs for Israel, Yuval Steinitz has stated that international sanctions are the order to… Read More.

Istanbul: park protest ended by riot police

It took the riot police of Turkey 30-odd minutes to clear protesters from the Gazi Park in Taksim Square, Istanbul.… Read More.

Emirates Airbus A380 to ply at Los Angeles

Emirates, one of the leading carriers of the world, have stated that they shall be upgrading their services between Dubai… Read More.

Tsonga's age is not important says coach

Joe-Wilfried Tsonga is presently 28 years old and that could be a matter of worry for some but not for… Read More.

Internet beaming balloons introduced by Google

Google has introduced balloons that look like jellyfish and are translucent in nature and supposed to be used for global… Read More.

Oliver Stone awarded at Shanghai Film Festival

Oliver Stone, a noted Hollywood director, has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Shanghai Film Festival. The award… Read More.