What Happened on 16 July 2015

'Book-keeper of Auschwitz' sentenced to four years in prison

A court in Germany has sentenced Oskar Groening, a former guard at Auschwitz, to four years in… Read More.

Boko Haram militants attack local community in Nigeria; 12 killed

Boko Haram militants attacked a local community in the Nigerian state of Borno, killing at… Read More.

'Israeli special forces assassinated' senior Syrian military officer in 2008: report

Leaked American intelligence has revealed that Israeli special forces assassinated Brig Gen Mahmoud Suleiman, a top Syrian military officer known… Read More.

Egypt anti-terror law: Hefty fine instead of jail for journalists

The Egyptian government has agreed to remove an article from its new anti-terror law that threatened journalists with a two-year… Read More.

Taliban chief Mullah Omar backs peace talks with Afghan government

Mullah Mohammed Omar, the leader of the Afghan Taliban, has backed peace talks with the Afghanistan government. In a statement… Read More.

'99% of world' agrees with Iran nuclear deal: Obama

President Obama has said that “99% of the world” and most nuclear experts were supportive of the nuclear deal with… Read More.

Mexico opens up its oil industry to foreign investors

The Mexican government has gone ahead with the sale of 14 oil exploration blocks situated in the Gulf of Mexico,… Read More.

Uber fined $7.3m in California for 'withholding data'

A judge in California has fined cab booking app Uber $7.3 million for not giving sufficient information… Read More.

Greece debt crisis: Lawmakers approve eurozone deal

Greece’s parliament has backed the economic measures needed for the €86 billion bailout offered by the eurozone to come into… Read More.