What Happened on 16 August 2013

Obama to cancel military exercises with Egypt

President Obama decided to not let their traditional cooperation continue as civilians die in Egypt. He took the time to… Read More.

High-profile rape cases to hit India's reputation

Despite the introduction of tougher laws for sexual crimes, India continues to experience the same crimes over and over again. … Read More.

Death toll in Egypt passes 500

Egypt is experiencing even more more bloodshed and violence today. The death toll has risen to 525 as hundreds of… Read More.

Ikea warns of unsafe children's beds

Ikea has recalled many children's beds because of faulty design. There have been several reports of the broken metal rod… Read More.

Smartphones outsell basic handsets

Smartphone sales have exceeded the sales of feature phones for the first time in the recent months. Smartphone sales are… Read More.

Airports to offer perks to frequent flyers

Travelers usually forget about the valuable awards that airports have to offer while concentrating on loyalty points from the airlines. … Read More.

NFL to use ex players as guinea pigs

The NFL is not only supporting doping but is also supplying the dope. About 70 former players are being made… Read More.

Disabled teen excluded from Paralympics

The International Paralympics Committee is not letting a champion swimmer be a part of the Paralympic Games since she might… Read More.

Facebook is linked to unhappiness

Researchers say Facebook is linked to unhappiness in society. The more time people spend on Facebook, the more unhappy they… Read More.

Laptops to hinder students' ability to learn

A Canadian report says laptops are proving to be distracting for students attempting to learn in classrooms. Pencil and paper… Read More.

Former Miss Universe host to boycott pageant

Former host of the Miss Universe pageant, Andy Cohen said he is boycotting the pageant in light of anti-gay laws… Read More.

Lindsay Lohan to appear on a show

Lindsay Lohan just got out of rehab and is now looking to get back into the game.  The star mentioned… Read More.