What Happened on 15 October 2013

Armed man caught at Buckingham Palace

A man carrying an offensive weapon, who tried to enter Buckingham Palace, was searched and detained by the police.  According… Read More.

A Catholic newspaper cannot use the word 'Allah' anymore

A court has ruled that a Catholic newspaper in Malaysia no longer has the permission to use the word "Allah"… Read More.

6-year old boy drowns on cruise

A fun family vacation turned into a nightmare when a 6-year old boy drowned inside a pool on a Miami-based… Read More.

Banksy sells his work for $60 each

Banksy sold his art worth $32,000 each for much cheaper. The collection was sold by an elderly man for $60… Read More.

3 Americans won the Nobel prize in economics

Three Americans namely, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen, and Robert Shiller won the Nobel prize for developing new methods that… Read More.

Little cash from tobacco lawsuit spent on anti-smoking efforts

It has been 15 years since tobacco companies settled health-case lawsuits, paying billions of dollars. However, it's still not clear… Read More.

Columnist criticizes Adrian Peterson after son's murder

A New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick criticized Adrian Peterson for his actions as a father before and after the… Read More.

Texans fans cheer Matt Schaub injury

The Houston Texans fans cheered when Matt Schaub suffered an injury during the game against the St. Louis Rams. The… Read More.

Facebook acquires Israeli startup

Facebook announced today that it has bought an Israeli startup, which might help Internet.org initiative; Mark Zuckerberg aims to provide… Read More.

Google facing protests over policy change

Google is soon going to begin following people's comments and other actions on Google+ in order to use that information… Read More.

Dane Cook is back in Comedy

Dane Cook is back on tour after four years of being "essentially retired," as per his interview with the LA… Read More.

Charlie Hunnam to part with 50 Shades

Those who complained about the cast of 50 Shades of Grey must be happy since Charlie Hunnam is in fact… Read More.