What Happened on 15 November 2013

China's aid to Philippines is less compared to other nations

China has promised to give Philippines a $100,000 in aid. When compared to the $20M in aid from the US,… Read More.

Toronto's mayor apologizes for a vulgar low

Toronto's mayor apologized yet again for using "unforgiveable language" when the revelations of cocaine, prostitution and escorts attacked his integrity… Read More.

Mystery of Red Riding Hood's origin is solved

Although, Brothers Grimm were the ones who wrote the tale of "Little Red Riding Hood," the origins of the folktale… Read More.

JPMorgan's Twitter Q&A backfires

JPMorgan helped Twitter in launching its IPO and then announced that the company will be holding a Q&A regarding the… Read More.

Janet Yellen said US economy still requires fed help

Janet Yellen mentioned today that the rate of unemployment is still too high at 7.3 percent and the US economy… Read More.

Customer fined for writing negative review

A Utah woman is facing a fine of $3.5K for writing about her lousy shopping experience with Kleargear in 2008. … Read More.

Former track coach to sue Texas

Former University of Texas women's coach, who is black, has accused the school of race and gender discrimination and has… Read More.

Dario Franchitti forced to retire

Four-time IndyCar Series champion Dario Franchitti was forced to retire on Thursday since doctors told him that it wasn't safe… Read More.

IBM making a powerful version of Watson

IBM is planning on making a more powerful version of its Watson supercomputers.  The supercomputer has a wide variety of… Read More.

Apple releases iOS update to fix bugs

A month after the release of Apple's iOS7, the company said it would release another update, which will fix issues… Read More.

Alec Baldwin's alleged stalker sent to jail

Alec Baldwin's alleged stalker is now expected to spend 30 days in prison for making the judge angry at the… Read More.

Hollywood could learn from comics on Islamophobia

Marvel Comics is soon to introduce a new superhero: A Muslim-American teenage girl, who could prove to be as influential… Read More.