What Happened on 15 June 2015

Turkey: President Erdogan will ask AKP to form coalition government

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will ask the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP) to form a government. If the… Read More.

Georgia: Zoo animals on the loose after flash floods hit Tbilisi

Zoo animals including tigers, bears, and wolves are on the loose in Tbilisi after the Georgian capital… Read More.

Gaza war: Israel says military actions were 'lawfu'

Israeli government has described its military actions in the 2014 Gaza war as “legitimate”. A report issued by the government… Read More.

Colombian rebel leader killed in army encounter

Jose Amin Hernandez Manrique, a top commander of the Colombian rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN), has reportedly been killed… Read More.

US, Poland in talks over deployment of American heavy weaponry in East Europe

The United States and Poland are in negotiations over the deployment of US heavy weaponry in eastern… Read More.

South Korea: Hospital identified as major source of MERS as death toll reaches16

The death toll in South Korea’s MERS outbreak has risen to 16, with five new cases detected and a total… Read More.

Top Islamist militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar killed in US strike: reports

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a top Islamist militant leader, has been killed in a US air strike in the eastern Libyan city… Read More.

Greece bailout: Another round of talks yields no agreement

A fresh round of talks between the Greek government and EU officials has failed to reach any agreement. According to… Read More.

Jurassic World creates global box office record, earns $500mn on opening weekend

‘Jurassic World’, the latest installment in the Jurassic Park film series, has become the first movie to take over $500… Read More.