What Happened on 15 June 2014

Obama says Iraq should solve its own problem

President Obama mentioned that Iraqis need to solve their issues on their own and the US will not send ground… Read More.

Baby Rhino faces hard time after mom gets killed

The Independent has narrated the story of a baby rhino who has trouble sleeping on his own after poachers killed… Read More.

Hospital sued after it shortens man's penis

A man sued a Canadian hospital after it shortened his penis. Reports suggest that he injured it during sexual intercourse… Read More.

Hall of Fame coach dies at 82

Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll died at the age of 82 at his residence. CNN reports that the four-time… Read More.

Experts figure out Earth's actual birthday

Turns out that Earth is nearly 60 million years older than our previous belief. French scientists studied quartz and the… Read More.

Stars who have fake teeth

It appears that you shouldn't be jealous of celebrities' perfect smiles since some of them fake their way into perfect… Read More.