What Happened on 15 January 2014

China to build life-sized Titanic

Anyone who happens to be passionate about Titanic has something to look forward to: Reports suggest that China is building… Read More.

Hundreds drown on overloaded vessel

The UN mentioned that about 200 people drowned on a ferry while trying to flee South Sudan.  "The reports we… Read More.

Pope doesn't approve of abortion

Pope Francis referred to abortion as being a sign of a "throwaway culture," which doesn't value human life.  "Unfortunately, what… Read More.

2M credit cards replaced after Target hack

As many as 110 million people were affected by the Target data breach. Apart from Target, Neiman Marcus and other… Read More.

Retired goddesses in Nepal to receive pensions

Transitioning from being a goddess to just a mortal could be hard. Hence, the Nepalese government has decided to start… Read More.

Priceless plant stolen in London

Thieves in London have stolen a priceless and one of the rarest plants in the world from the Royal Botanical… Read More.

Chicago Cubs fans unhappy with new mascot

Chicago Cubs fans seem to be unhappy with the new "Clark the Cub," who has been described to be extremely… Read More.

NFL's concussion deal is too little to cover all players

A federal judge disapproved of a $765M settlement between players who suffered concussions and NFL. The reason for this may… Read More.

Google pays $3.2B on acquiring Nest

Google is now going to reach into people's homes with the help of a startup firm, which makes Internet-connected thermostats… Read More.

Groupon buys fashion site ideeli

Groupon announced that it has paid $43M to acquire sales fashion retailer ideeli.  Reports suggest that the site, which started… Read More.

Justin Bieber and seven others detained

Perhaps Justin Bieber is finally paying the price for behaving obnoxiously over the past few months.  The singer and seven… Read More.

Kanye West allegedly hit a teenager

Investigations regarding Kanye West allegedly assaulting an 18-year-old are ongoing. However, a source revealed that it was the victim who… Read More.