What Happened on 15 February 2014

Pope Francis gives love advice on Valentine's Day

Pope Francis, who has committed himself to lifelong celibacy, gave his advice on how to maintain a successful marriage before… Read More.

Volcano in Indonesia kills two

A volcanic eruption in Indonesia resulted in a blasting of ash and debris about 12 miles into the sky and… Read More.

Facebook comments send teen to jail

Two months after the shootings at the Sandy Hook School, Justin Carter ranted on Facebook: "I'm f___ed in the head… Read More.

Pistorius speaks about shooting

Oscar Pistorius tweeted two days before shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. He tweeted once again today… Read More.

Former fan experiences headaches after wearing Google Glass

Perhaps Google Glass should come with a health warning. Former champion Chris Barrett would agree since he rarely wears the… Read More.

Drake clarifies his anger with Rolling Stone

Drake apologized for his angry tweets about Rolling Stone when he mentioned that the magazine replaced him for the cover… Read More.