What Happened on 14 July 2013

23 injured in Pamplona Pileup

Bull-runners were crushed today on the seventh day of the festival in Spain called San Fermin festival. The narrow entrance… Read More.

'Vampire' skeletons in Poland

Bulgarian archaeologists, about a little more than a year ago had found skeletons in conditions, which suggested that they were… Read More.

Governments limiting global warming

According to a new study, sea levels could rise by 2.3 meters for every degree Celsius increase in global temperatures.… Read More.

Tiger Woods is ready for British Open.

Despite the strain in his elbow, Tiger Woods has announced that he is confident his health won't be an issue… Read More.

The founder of the Bose Corporation dies

The Bose Company changed the way we listen to music and Amar G. Bose who was an MIT professor until… Read More.

Eliot Spitzer on Jay Leno's show

Jay Leno's show has helped candidates in launching surprising campaigns in the past. Judging by the Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement on… Read More.