What Happened on 14 January 2015

Putin won't attend key Auschwitz ceremonies

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin won’t be attending a major event to mark 70 years of the… Read More.

German leaders take part in Muslim community rally

German leaders including Chancellor Angela Merkel attended a rally in Berlin organized by Muslim community groups… Read More.

Mitt Romney considering another presidential run

Mitt Romney is considering another presidential run in 2016, the US media has reported. He has been reactivating his political… Read More.

Court halts farmer evictions in Zimbabwe

A court in Zimbabwe has ordered that the controversial eviction of farmers be halted, media reports said. Many affected farmers… Read More.

Shell hits bus in eastern Ukraine, 12 killed

Around 12 civilians were reportedly killed and many more wounded when a bus was hit by a shell at a… Read More.

Our war is against terrorism not Islam, says French prime minister

Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls has said that the country is waging a war against terrorism… Read More.

Japan approves $42 billion defense budget

Japan has approved a $42 billion defense budget, which marks a third year of increased defense… Read More.

World Bank lowers global growth forecast to 3%

The World Bank has lowered its forecast for global growth, stressing that the United States cannot by itself steer an… Read More.

UK inflation drops to record low level

Inflation in Britain has fallen to 0.5% in December, its lowest ever level, thanks to falling… Read More.

West Ham beat Everton in thrilling tie

West Ham defeated Everton in a nail-biting FA Cup match, with goalkeeper Adrian scoring the winning penalty. According to media… Read More.

Facebook puts restrictions on violent video clips, images

Social networking giant Facebook has started placing warnings over some of the videos posted by users on the site saying… Read More.

Golden Globe awards ratings drop by 8%

There has been a fall in the US viewership of the Golden Globe Awards, with this year’s… Read More.