What Happened on 14 January 2014

Swedish doctors perform 9 womb transplants

A team of Swedish doctors have made history by successfully transplanting nine wombs. Nine women received the wombs from their… Read More.

Nigeria bans gay marriage

Nigeria has signed a law banning not only gay marriage but also public displays of homosexuality and gay organizations.  According… Read More.

Kalashnikov wrote of his guilt before dying

The inventor of AK-47, Mikhail Kalashnikov mentioned that the rifle was meant only for one purpose,… Read More.

Pizza Hut begins to sell "by the slice"

Pizza Hut has started to offer pizza by the slice in two locations (Nebraska and Rhode Island) in order to… Read More.

Three more top retailers experience a data breach

The CEO of Target mentioned that the hackers had placed their malware right where the customers slid their payment cards.… Read More.

HBO posts free premiere episodes of show on YouTube

This move by HBO appears to be completely out of character. The network has posted the first two episodes of… Read More.

Seahawks fans cause an earthquake again

Seahawks fans showed their excitement during the game on Saturday and caused a little earthquake with their stomping. Something similar… Read More.

Wolf of Wall Street star plays amateur hockey

Australian actress Margot Robbie starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in one of the best movies this season. We have another reason… Read More.

Snapchat apologizes for scam once again

Snapchat has acknowledged their fault in regards to the data breach once again.  The successful startup company apologized for "any… Read More.

Ford pickup trucks will now have 97 percent aluminum

Ford pickups have been tough for 66 years and their strength, made with steel has managed to plow snow and… Read More.

16 and Pregnant actually reduced teen births

MTV's 16 and Pregnant goes against what people's general perceptions about the show might be. A recent study showed that… Read More.

Stallone became insufferable after Rocky

Sylvester Stallone's recent answers in a Q&A with Jonathon Ross revealed that the actor believed he abused his power back… Read More.