What Happened on 14 December 2013

Nelson Mandela interpreter has a long arrest record

The Nelson Mandela interpreter, who claimed to have been hallucinating at the memorial service, has been charged with several offenses… Read More.

Relics from the Buddha's body stolen

A major theft was discovered Tuesday: Remnants of the Buddha's body stored in a golden urn has been stolen from… Read More.

Making work fun can do more harm than good

There's a "Fun at Work" movement in today's workplace and author Oliver Burkeman hopes it's temporary.  Imposing blanket happiness on… Read More.

Three people stabbed after Broncos game

A number of people were stabbed outside Sports Authority Field in Denver after a Broncos game.  One of the victims… Read More.

Majority of Internet traffic is non-human

There are more non-human Internet users than human ones. A new research proves that 61 percent of web traffic is… Read More.

Beyonce releases surprise album

Beyonce shocked the world by releasing a new album overnight on iTunes. The singer had been dropping hints for her… Read More.