What Happened on 14 August 2013

Guatemalan journalist shot thrice in Central America

A print and radio journalist is now in critical condition at a hospital in Guatemala City after being shot three… Read More.

Iron dome shoots down rocket

Israeli military on Tuesday shot down a rocket launched from Egypt toward a Red Sea resort. This was the first… Read More.

Russian surgeon steals heroine

A Russian surgeon, who removed heroin from a drug mule's stomach is now facing charges for theft and illegal possession… Read More.

Tim Armstrong publically fired creative director

The chairman and chief executive of AOL, Tim Armstrong reportedly fired a creative director in the middle of a conference… Read More.

Judge throws out race discrimination claims

A federal judge in Georgia has thrown out the racial discrimination claims by a former restaurant manager. The lawsuit by… Read More.

DOJ to block merger of American Airlines US Airways

The merger between US Airway and AMR Corp had been backed up by the European Union and approved by a… Read More.

Boston newspaper ad trolls A-Rod

Boston Sports Club has had a history of running funny ads. Boston Herald's front page, for example, printed an open… Read More.

Adam Jones to move past the banana incident

The fan who was responsible was throwing a banana near Adam Jones claimed responsibility and apologized for the incident. He… Read More.

North Korea's first smartphone

North Korea is known for not letting its' citizens get full access to the Internet but the first smartphone in… Read More.

Oracle CEO said Apple will continue to languish

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said Apple will languish without Steve Jobs like it had nearly a decade earlier. Ellison's company… Read More.

'Breaking Bad' draws highest audience in show's history

As many as 5.9 million viewers watched the Season 6 premiere of 'Breaking Bad', making this episode the most watched… Read More.

Oprah Winfrey says 'sorry'

Oprah Winfrey hadn't expected the Switzerland incident to blow out of proportion. Winfrey said she purposely hadn't mentioned the name… Read More.