What Happened on 14 April 2014

Man writes his own obituary in three words

A 92-year-old Swedish man wrote his own obituary and kept things quite short. "I am dead," it read.  Stig Kernell… Read More.

The climate change control cost is modest

The head of the UN's expert panel said the cost to keep a check on global warming is modest if… Read More.

Places you should see before they disappear

Climate change has put some of the natural wonders of the world in danger. Therefore, Time has put together a… Read More.

Feds demand payment from thousands of Americans

The Treasury Department has begun to seize tax refunds and asking thousands of Americans for payment on old debts. Some… Read More.

Work emails after 6pm banned in France

A new rule introduced in France makes sure the nation's 35-hour work week doesn't end up becoming 40 hours long… Read More.

Why don't Americans dream of free time?

The AP predicted in 1950 that the year 2000 will come with the law making sure that there are shorter… Read More.

Miami gets new football uniforms

The Miami Hurricanes will finally enjoy new uniforms this season. Four of the jerseys revealed recently are simple but bold… Read More.

Crash puts drivers out of the race

Several drivers were left in foul moods after on-track incidents Sunday.  Two Andretti Autosport drives were running second and third… Read More.

NSA denies exploiting heartbleed

Reports have indicated that the National Security Agency was aware of Heartbleed for about two years but chose to use… Read More.

Oculus creator speaks about the Facebook acquisition

Creator of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset Palmer Luckey was recently interviewed at CES and was also given one… Read More.

Ginnifer Goodwin gets married

Characters Snow White and Prince Charming from the show 'Once Upon A Time' are getting married in real life.  Josh… Read More.

Colbert doesn't envy Letterman's replacement

David Letterman is retiring from his show in 2015 and Stephen Colbert mentioned during the Colbert Report that he doesn't… Read More.