What Happened on 13 November 2013

New storm hits Philippines

After Typhoon Haiyan caused immense amount of destruction in Philippines, the nation has now been struck with heavy rain.  The… Read More.

Pianist faces prison due to continuous practice

Spanish prosecutors wish to send a pianist to jail since she caused noise pollution for over seven years and made… Read More.

Afghan interpreters who helped the US are being denied visas

Many Afghan interpreters, who helped the US troops for several years during the war are being denied visas since the… Read More.

Man finds 98K inside craigslist desk

Craigslist generally has a lot of bizarre stuff on it. However, this is still quite unusual: A couple that bought… Read More.

Obama nominates TARP Honcho to head futures regulator

President Obama is nominating a top official from the Treasury Department to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, responsible for… Read More.

Powerball winner fighting over cash with ex

New Jersey bodega owner Pedro Quezada, who won a Powerball jackpot worth $338M used some of this money to pay… Read More.

Dwayne Bowe arrested for possessing marijuana

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bower was arrested in Kansas City when the cops pulled him for speeding and… Read More.

Erin Andrews shares some workout tips

It is hard to spend time in a TV studio and still staying fit. Considering that sportscasters usually have long… Read More.

Apple maps is not that big a disaster after all

Apple Maps became the center of jokes when the app was initially launched. It was so error-ridden that the leader… Read More.

Officials use anti-spy tents overseas

Reports suggest that President Obama as well as other officials travel oversees with security tents. These things can be used… Read More.

Malala was the true star at Glamour Awards

A bunch of young girls at Glamour Women of the Year Awards ceremony got overexcited to not see a celebrity… Read More.

ABC anchor finds cancer in an on-air mammogram

TV journalists often get a standard medical test on-air in order to inspire other people to do the same. However,… Read More.