What Happened on 13 March 2016

Air strikes kill 17 militants in Yemen

At least 17 suspected al-Qaeda members were killed in the southern Yemeni port town of Aden as air strikes hit… Read More.

South Turkey hit by Syrian Rocket

Out of the eight rockets launched by ISIS in an area seized by them in Syria, three hit the border… Read More.

No further recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia

Malaysian authorities after being criticized widely for its decision to bring in 1.5 million Bangladeshis to work in the country… Read More.

Teenagers held for planning a terror attack at Paris concert hall

Two teenage girls in France have been charged with planning a terror attack on the Paris concert venue similar to… Read More.

China convicts 1400 people in lieu of national security

The Chinese courts have convicted more than 1400 people in 2015 on charges like harming the national security, being a… Read More.

iPad Air 3, iPone SE, and Apple Watch 2 set to be launched

Apple is all set to unveil various new devices including iPhone SE, iPad Air3, apple Watch 2 at the Apple… Read More.