What Happened on 13 June 2014

Former mobster wants to confess to the Pope

An ex-mobster has asked to meet with Pope Francis, so that he can confess three of his secrets. Vincenzo Calcara… Read More.

Two teens in London die after having sex

Witnesses mentioned that two teens celebrating the end of exams at a party were trying to have sex on the… Read More.

Another woman found hanged in India

Media reports that a 19-year-old woman's body has been found hanging from a tree in Northern India on Wednesday, June… Read More.

Great Recession resulted in 10k suicides

The Great Recession resulted in more than 10,000 additional suicides, as per researchers. The recent study found that the rate… Read More.

Dryers cost America $4B each year

It appears that dryers tend to suck a lot of energy and almost as much as energy used by three… Read More.

Uber has the potential to become extremely significant

Many people have criticized Uber, the ride-sharing service valued at $17B, as per media reports. However, media reports indicate that… Read More.

Group protests in Brazil intensified hours before World Cup

Protestors took to the streets in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro only hours before the World Cup match and shouted "There… Read More.

Sinatra is the most important person on the planet, wikipedia says

Researchers have determined after analyzing the English language version of Wikipedia that Frank Sinatra is the most important person in… Read More.

Social media prepares for the World Cup

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users will be able to follow the World Cup as it progresses, according to media reports.… Read More.

Why did J.Lo and Casper Smart break up?

Everyone was aware that the relationship of Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart was not going strong, but it was found… Read More.

Affleck's gambling problems continue

Ben Affleck's wife is not happy that her husband's gambling problems are not over yet. He was recently banned from… Read More.