What Happened on 13 July 2013

Catastrophe in France kills at least 6 people

The train that was taking passengers from Paris to Limoges crashed into a station killing at least 6 people and… Read More.

Mexican man fakes his own death

According to Fox News Latino, a Mexican resident who had been charged with being a participant in a case of… Read More.

Boeing's shares sent down

An Ethiopian Airlines at Heathrow Airport in London caught fire inside, which sent Boeing's shares down about 5 percent. The… Read More.

A study on baseball games reveals facts.

A study on baseball games conducted by the Wall Street Journal revealed that a lot of time during these games… Read More.

Skype video calls can now be wiretapped

The Guardian reports that it is now possible for the government to wiretap video calls on Skype. This wasn't a… Read More.

'Pacific Rim' review

Pacific Rim may not be the best movie of the year but it certainly managed to get the audience engaged… Read More.