What Happened on 13 February 2016

Taiwanbuilding collapse death toll rises to 114

It took almost a week for the search and rescue team to end their extensive search effort for the bodies… Read More.

Pope meets Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church

In order to bridge a 1000-year-old split between the Eastern and the Western branches of Christianity, the Patriarch of the… Read More.

six dead in attack on UN base camp in Mali

An early morning attack on the UN base camp MINUSMA left six UN Guinean peace keepers dead and wounded thirty… Read More.

China confirms its first case of Zika Virus

  Authorities in China have confirmed the first case of Zika virus in the country. As per reports, a 34-year-old… Read More.

Japan shares plunges among global economic slowdown

The yen being stronger against the dollar has led to hurt Japan’s exporters extensively. With dollar at a 15 month… Read More.

Ground breaking discovery claimed as LIGO detects gravitational waves

Scientists at the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the U.S have detected signals of gravitational waves emanating from… Read More.

Google plans to shut Picasa

After launching Google photos less than a year ago, Google now wants to shut Picasa to pay unilateral attention to… Read More.