What Happened on 13 February 2014

America's press freedom ranked at 46

US suffered a major decline in the annual World Press Freedom Index. Several reasons are to blame for its drop… Read More.

People flock to see weeping statue of Virgin Mary

Hundreds of people gathered in a small town located in Israel in order to look at the statue of Virgin… Read More.

Brain-dead woman delivers a healthy baby

Dylan Benson of Victoria welcomed a healthy baby boy but also had to say goodbye to his wife soon after. … Read More.

Drive-thru shopping to come to Sears

Looks like Sears knows how to compete with online retailers: Reports suggest that the company is soon going to offer… Read More.

Toyota recalls Pruises due to software issues

Toyota recalled more vehicles because of a software glitch that could cause the newest-generation Prius hybrids to stall. The recall… Read More.

PayPal president's credit card information hacked

PayPal President David Marcus said his credit card details were hacked and used for a shopping spree.  He mentioned that… Read More.

Derek Jeter said he's done after this season

Derek Jeter announced that he's going to call it quits after playing one more season and he "could not be… Read More.

Olympic failure doesn't make or break Shaun White

Shaun White went on to discuss his fourth-place finish one day after not being able to make the podium.  "I… Read More.

Amazon sees success with its show

Amazon finally made a show that appeals to those who are used to watching their favorite programming on Netflix and… Read More.

Google Glass to reach airline industry

Wearable computer Google Glass has made its way to the airline industry and the crew of Virgin Atlantic are soon… Read More.

Sid Caesar dies at 91

One of the first stars on television died at the age of 91. Larry King was the first one to… Read More.

Half-sister blames Julia Roberts in her suicide note

Julia Roberts' half-sister left a suicide note behind and blamed Roberts' of driving her to commit suicide. Nancy Motes also… Read More.