What Happened on 13 April 2014

Pakistani infant is cleared of charges

The youngest fugitive in the world is no longer wanted since a Pakistani judge cleared the 9-month-old of murder charges. … Read More.

Biden to head to Kiev

The White House mentioned that Joe Biden is soon headed to Kiev in order to meet… Read More.

Why will auto recalls keep happening

There appears to be a big new auto recall once every week and Derek Mead of Motherboard said it's time… Read More.

Players sue the National Hockey League

Nine players are suing the National Hockey League for intentionally promoting a culture of extreme violence. A similar suit was… Read More.

Vatican library to unveil pages online

You'd require a scholarly application in addition to a trip to the Vatican in order to view the 82k manuscripts… Read More.

Katherine Heigl suing drugstore over one tweet

Katherine Heigl who is said to be notoriously difficult is suing drugstore chain Duane Reade for $6M because of one… Read More.