What Happened on 12 October 2013

Noble committee found winner on Twitter

This year's Nobel Peace Prize was presented to a group working toward the destruction of chemical arsenal in Syria.  The… Read More.

India to face massive cyclone half the size of the country

A catastrophic tropical cyclone is expected to hit the eastern coast of India; the winds have been estimated to be… Read More.

Zuckerberg buys four houses next to his own for $30M

It's quite ironic that Mark Zuckerberg is fond of privacy for himself. He just spent $30M… Read More.

Formula 1 test driver dead at 33

Formula One test driver, who lost her right eye and suffered other serious injuries during a crash last year, died… Read More.

Facebook users can't hide themselves from being searched

Facebook users already had plenty of issues regarding privacy and the company has now decided to remove their ability to… Read More.

'Once Upon a Time' stars engaged in real life

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are a married couple on the show 'Once Upon a Time' where the two play… Read More.