What Happened on 12 November 2013

Miracle baby girl born in Philippines

President Benigno Aquino of Philippines has now declared a state of national calamity, which is expected… Read More.

Hundreds drawn to WWII vet's funeral

The funeral home that organized the service of WWII veteran Harold Jellicoe Percival put a note in his obituary, asking… Read More.

Fake Batman sentenced to jail

A Singaporean man named Batman bin Suparman was sentenced to about three years in prison, after security cameras caught him… Read More.

Debut novel sold for nearly $2M

A 34-year-old author named Garth Risk Hallberg sold his debut novel, 'City on Fire,' for nearly $2M.  Several publishers bid… Read More.

In-store Blockbuster had its last ever rental

Blockbuster closed its remaining 300 stores in the US on Saturday and the last rental was made at 11 that… Read More.

US Postal Service to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays

US Postal Service is soon going to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays to customers in the metropolitan areas of New… Read More.

Milwaukee Bucks' Larry Sanders to repair right thumb

Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders tore ligament in his right thumb and is now out for about six weeks.  The… Read More.

Olympic torch is back from space

Three astronauts and the Sochi Olympic torch returned from a spacewalk and got back to Earth in a Russian space… Read More.

Copyright law to be taught to little kids

The Motion Picture Association of America is now planning on teaching a program on anti-privacy in elementary school. It's expected… Read More.

Google may track users in real-life

Tracking cookies might begin tracking Google users' every moment and reporting it to advertisers.  Read More.

Miley Cyrus does something insane again

Miley Cyrus pulled out something, which looked a lot like a joint, after winning the award for Video of the… Read More.

Thor wins the weekend box office

Thor: The Dark World made $86.1M at the weekend box office, beating Bad Grandpa, which fetched $11.3M.  Although, Thor's opening… Read More.