What Happened on 12 May 2014

Experts think they have answered on HIV Mystery

Researchers have wondered as to why 60 percent of AIDS victims in Africa are women as compared to the rest… Read More.

Disguised cousin shoots bride at her wedding

Anurag Singh disguised as a photographer, shot his cousin dead at her wedding in India. Media reports indicate that the… Read More.

Drag queen winner crowned at Eurovision

Austrian singer Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen and is now making waves. The bearded drag queen… Read More.

How to avoid bed bugs at hotels

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have given some tips to hotel guests after doing some extensive research.  Read More.

Subway founder supports the increase in minimum wage

It appears that the CEO and founder of Subway is as supportive of minimum wage increase as Mitt Romney is. … Read More.

Netflix subscription becomes more expensive

Netflix's subscription has become more expensive since it raised the price by $1 on Friday. However, reports suggest that the… Read More.

Putin ends up playing a good hockey game

Russian president Vladimir Putin scored six goals and had five assists during a friendly hockey game in Sochi, where this… Read More.

Shelly Sterling may divorce her husband

Shelly Sterling told media that she plans on divorcing husband Donald and keeping her stake in the LA Clippers.  She… Read More.

CBS provides people with selfie tips

Selfies are popular, but it's not easy to capture a good one. An episode of 'The Price is Right' on… Read More.

New iPhone may release a month early

The latest iPhone may release a month sooner than expected since media has reported that the devices will arrive at… Read More.

Kim Kardashian had a fantastic first Mother's Day

Kim Kardashian got a wall of flowers on her first Mother's Day and the bride-to-be woke up to it as… Read More.

Pippa Middleton gets a haircut

Reports out of Britain suggest that Pippa Middleton has cut her hair.  USA Today notes that it's not a pixie… Read More.