What Happened on 12 March 2014

Another mystery solved in case of missing plane

Another search attempt didn't result in finding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 but investigators managed to solve a mystery. … Read More.

Man learns to scuba dive in order to look for wife's remains

A 57-year-old Japanese man went to the sea in hopes to find the remains of his wife. Yasauo Takamatsu's wife… Read More.

New Zealand may get a new flag

It's time for New Zealand to adopt a new flag considering that the era of British colonialism has been long… Read More.

Gross cruise passengers to sue Carnival

Passengers on Carnival were so traumatized by their experience that they're asking for $5k in damages each month. Reports suggest… Read More.

It's hard to save a lot nowadays

Most people struggle while trying to save money and surveys reveal that a lot of them are poorly prepared for… Read More.

TOMS may begin selling coffee

Blake Mycoskie made TOMS shoes a fashion sensation using his "one for one" model and donating a pair to those… Read More.

Rich Peverley rests comfortably in a hospital

Dallas Star Rich Peverley is undergoing tests while resting comfortably at a hospital. Experts are trying to determine the cause… Read More.

Shaquille O'Neal spends $1k on apps each week

One of the first verified Twitter users Shaquille O'Neal mentioned that he's a big geek and spends all his free… Read More.

Peeing in pool may be harmful for you

Peeing in the pool is definitely gross but researchers at Purdue and China Agricultural University revealed that it's not good… Read More.

'I F-ing Love Science' to head for the small screen

'I F-ing Love Science' started off as a Facebook page and gained over 11 million fans. Reports suggest that it's… Read More.

Lorde doesn't like radio host's lesbian joke

Lorde doesn't appreciate lesbian jokes by radio hosts: While being in conversation with Kyle & Jackie Show host Kyle Sandilands,… Read More.

Justin Bieber behaves badly in deposition video

Here's a reason for you to hate Justin Bieber even more: The controversial singer accused of drunk-driving and drag-racing is… Read More.