What Happened on 12 June 2016

Migrants rescued from being smuggled in Mexico

In a major operation, Mexico’s federal agents and marines rescued 61 migrants from smugglers in two separate operations. Of the… Read More.

Bangladesh vows to end minority killings

More than 3000 people have been arrested in Bangladesh to curb attacks on minorities and secular writers. Among those who… Read More.

Bilateral talks to be initated between Philippines and China

In a move that can resolve the long standing dispute between the Philippines and China over the territorial dispute in… Read More.

Entrance exam for US colleges cancelled in Hong Kong ad South Korea

Entrance exam for US universities in South Korea and Hong Kong were cancelled after “credible evidence” of paper being leaked… Read More.

Clash between football fans in France

A Briton has been seriously injured and few others hospitalized in a series of clashes that broke out in Marseille… Read More.