What Happened on 12 July 2012

Japan's Ichiro Ozawa forms opposition political party

Veteran Japanese politician Ichiro Ozawa has formed a new opposition party. Ozawa resigned from the ruling party over plans to… Read More.

Morsi seeks to resolve parliament row

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has stated he wants to hold talks with other institutions to resolve a constitutional crisis over… Read More.

Spanish PM announces budget cuts amid protests

Spain's government has announced new austerity measures resulting in clashes between protesters and police. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said sales… Read More.

Saudis deny no women will compete in 2012 Games

A Saudi official has denied media reports that no women from his country will take part in the London Olympics.… Read More.

San Francisco to ban officials from buying Apple Macs

City officials in San Francisco are planning to block local government agencies from buying new Apple Mac computers. The move… Read More.

Spike Lee's Michael Jackson film near completion

Spike Lee has announced he has nearly completed a Michael Jackson documentary marking the 25th anniversary of the singer's BadRead More.